NATE(S) believes that every young person has a right to:

  • access a rich and varied range of literature;
  • develop a love for literature;
  • develop a love of independent reading and writing regularly;
  • extend their social and cultural capital;
  • develop their own voice and learn from the voices of others;
  • learn how to respond emotionally in an appropriate, empowering manner.
  • express their opinions, listen to the opinions of others and develop their world view accordingly;
  • express themselves creatively;
  • develop the literacy and language of their own learning
  • develop a respect for their own and others’ cultures and experiences;
  • experience high expectations;
  • experience breadth and challenge at every stage;
  • a consistent and continuous experience of English;
  • have their abilities, achievement and attainment assessed in a range of appropriate and supportive ways.
Ideas are like beards...

but not literally.

Professor Mark Priestley

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Here is a sunrise...

...ain't that enough?

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